Harlem’s Bio

Troy G. Sampson also known as DJ Ghetto was born in Harlem, New York City, New York on May 12th. He was raised by his parents Alma Sampson and the late Al Sampson with one sibling Nicole Sampson. His parents were both talented and musically inclined, singing Gospel together and Rhythm & Blues. From a toddler on up Troy knew he wanted to pursue a career in music through his parents’ inspiration and his natural gift, which he discovered as a child.

He then began to write rap songs and make beats for fun and throughout this time, he collected thousands of records and cassette tapes. With his huge musical library and ability to make unique beats, he became a DJ, which started with friends and family functions, and then he began to DJ and freestyle at charity events, parties, weddings and clubs. He pursued his ability to work as an artist/rapper at the age of fourteen by battling and free-styling, which is one of his many expertises and began music production a few years later.

After finishing high school, he began working for the board of education in New York City and while pursuing his career with the board of education he attended City College where he studied music production and engineering. He left the board of education in 2011 to pursue a musical career full time as an artist and music producer for Rhythm & Blues, Hip Hop and Pop. In 2011, he also established his music production company called “A Step Ahead Productions” with his manager and Co-Founder MeCCa.

He specializes in “top notch” music, beats, and has a broad imagination and strong work ethic when it comes to music production. He works closely with artist such as Tammy Lucas, Eric Roberson, 50-Cent, also many artist who performs on Broadway, plus many other well-known and talented artist and musicians. He is a humble and easygoing human being and his main goal in the music industry is to create music unlike anyone else and never compromise his self worth or true self.